Here you can review what our customers think of our services.

Taking the time to read a review about any service you are about to invest in is worth it's weight in gold, it allows you to see if your going to get the service you expect.

Maidstone Handyman takes all customer comments good or bad, and uses them to improve our services.                                                                                 

When we receive a bad review, we look at what went wrong and why; we would contact the customer to address any issue and where possible put right any wrongs, and ask the customer if they would be happy to resubmit their review on our service.

A good review shows we are doing it right and in it's self is a good reference for us, we believe in being honest which is why we always publish customer comments good or bad.

We know at times we may get it wrong, but only by listening to our customers can we get it right.  








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